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 There is little doubt that while UK was among the first countries in the world to legalize online betting, USA remains the powerhouse of sports betting. Unfortunately for the US players, legal shambles has pushed many of the popular online bookmakers away from the USA and it's very hard to find good US bookies these days. Great bookmakers like Bet 365 have been out of the U.S. betting market for many years now and finding such quality of service is near impossible. But looking at all the bookies advertising they accept US players, one wouldn't know that there is a serious lack of quality and top bookmaking websites in the USA. Beware, just because a sports betting website advertises they accept US players - it doesn't mean it's a good online bookie! As a matter of fact, you can count the really decent USA bookies on the fingers of just one hand, sad state of affair, really, for the American bettor, but this is just how the situation is right now. You can see some of the best USA bookmakers on the home page of our website, but we have decided to dedicate this page to list the good US online bookmakers and help people avoid the rogue ones, which are plenty. Please note, the list below is for informational purpose only - always check your local laws for the legality of online betting in your locale.

1. Bookmaker (up to $2,500 bonus)
Coincidentally, the best USA online bookie is called Bookmaker and is the best out for the US players. Established nearly two decades ago, Bookmaker has managed to retain its highly respected status among the bettors in a market that has been mired by sudden closure of bookmaker operations, unfair treatment and in quite a few cases - outright theft of people's money. If you ask any experienced bettor in the US they will tell you that this bookie is atop their list of the very best - it offers good odds, plenty of markets to choose from and pays on time without any snags. The payouts, which re the biggest hurdle for both bookmakers and players in the USA, are the bright spot of Bookmaker - plenty of options to choose from, they even carry their own debit card just for paying out their customers. In addition, winners are welcome here, unlike many other sportsbooks, not only in the US, but in the UK and mainland Europe, as well. Here players can wager as high as $20,000 on a single bet, something that'd be hard to find anywhere else in the world. This online bookmaker is well funded and liquid, squashing fears of insolvency that has plagued many US-facing bookmakers. Overall - the best choice for US bookmaker.

2. Bovada Sports ($250 for new US players)
Bovada Sports is a well-known name in US sports betting, previously called Bodog, although today the Bodog brand is focused on the UK market and the Bovada brand is the one serving US players only. In business for 20 years, this bookie has managed to weather plenty of storms and remain as one of the very few honest and trustworthy online bookmakers in the USA. It offers odds on nearly everything, including entertainment wagers not connected to sports, but the strong side of the bookie is the depositing methods, which include credit cards (Visa only at this time). while it doesn't offer the best odds on everything, it is very competitive where it matters - the popular US sports like NFL, college football and NBA. Some people would claim that this bookie is slow to pay sometimes, but rest assured - you will get your money. The problem is that after big sporting events there are so many customers withdrawing money (it's a very large bookmaker) that it may take up to 2 weeks to receive payment. The fact that Bovada also runs one of the most popular casinos and poker room doesn't help speed up the payouts - it has a lot of customers, a lot! But if you are patient, you will get your money, even if it takes a week longer during big sporting events. Good for the experienced bettor who doesn't need to withdraw every time they win, but like to work with a bankroll.

 As you can see, there aren't' many choices when it comes to top USA bookmakers online, as it is the case with UK punters. But for most people, the two above should be plenty to choose from and even to shop odds between one another. Of course, there are a couple of other options for US bookies, you can see them on the home page, where we have listed all good bookmakers, but if you are after the very best - the two bookies above are the golden standard to which all others are measured.

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