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Football is not only the most popular sport in the world, it's also the most popular betting event. Having access to the latest football odds would certainly give you an edge. Sometimes taking advantage of the early football odds could mean a punter can secure big odds on an outcome, before the majority of the bets start pouring in and the bookmakers being to adjust the betting odds accordingly. As many of you may know, the bookmakers offer what we call "fluid odds", i.e. the bookies always adjust the football odds, oftentimes based solely on the way people are placing wagers. In other words, if most bettors begin betting on the underdog team, the bookmaker will adjust the football odds as many times as necessary to strike a balance between both sides of the betting curve. Thus when you take a look at the early betting odds, you get the best picture of the actual football odds to win.

 We have also tried to find a bookmaker that allows players from all over the world to bet the football odds below. For now this is Bodog Sports (in the USA under the name Bovada) and you can not only see the football odds here, but also bet on them as well. Here are the latest live football odds:

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