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A lot of people are searching for the best online bookies for betting on football, more specifically on the Premier League matches. And while some may question such a division - after all if a bookmaker is a good one in general - they would be just as good for the EPL betting games, right? Well, there is some truth to this train of thought. A good online bookmaker will have plenty going on for the English Premier League, but what makes a good bookie the best bookmaker for football betting is the extra effort they are willing to make to accommodate the football punter.  Among factors that would make certain betting sites the best for Premier League bets are:

 Great EPL betting odds: If a bookie wants to contend for this ranking, they must offer excellent odds on the Premiership games. We are all aware that a difference in the odds, as small as one tenth, could result in a much smaller payout on your graded wagers, especially if used in a parlay. There are also those who feel cheated if a bookmaker A is offering shorter odds than bookmaker B, for example.  Thus overall having great football odds is a must for the best online bookmaker for Premier League bets.

 Large coverage and many betting markets: Long are gone the days when people simply bet on which football club will win the game. Today the punter demands much more betting options (betting markets) and the top bookmakers better deliver them or they will be left in the dust. More betting markets means more options to choose from and better chance to find that golden nugget of a wager that would guarantee you profit. We know of punters who would spend nearly a day simply looking through and researching the betting markets on a single football match. Those punters usually win their EPL bets.

 Bonuses and other incentives: Yes, every online bookmaker offers a bonus for new customers and many are willing to extend those for existing customers, as well. But a good football bookmaker will take it one step further and often offer Premier League specific promotions, free bets, cash backs, etc. A good football betting bookie will always try to retain the customer and keep them engaged throughout the football season, even if it may cost them some money in the short term.

 And when we match the requirements of begin the best bookmaker for bets on the English football games, there aren't as many names left as you would think. Here is our view on the best bookmakers for Premier League betting:

Best EPL Bookmakers Main features
Bet 365 Bet 365 has been voted among the top online bookmakers many years in a row and they do remain the leading bookie when it comes to Premier League football betting. They offer a very generous sign up bonus for those looking to switch bookmakers, but they don't stop there. Often the bookie will guarantee the best odds on the more popular football derbies, offer cash-back on losing bets throughout the football season and even give free bets on some football matches. Bet 365 is also presenting punters with well over 800 different betting markets every weekend, for every round of the EPL.
Betsson Betsson is the online bookie we believe is giving Bet 365 the hard time and stiff competition. This European bookmaker began over 10 years ago a simply "just another bookie", but surprising many industry veterans, quickly improved their offerings and found out that the secret to success with the football punters goes through the Premier League football games and offering competitive odds is the big strength of this popular bookmaker. We advise you to certainly compare the Premier League odds between these two online bookmakers for every game you are interested in betting on.


Of course, there are plenty of good bookies, besides the two listed above, but if we listed them all - how would one know which are the best? We hold a firm believe that of one is looking to bet on the English football games, there are no better places than the two online bookmakers we mentioned.

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