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After a number of emails, we decided to compile a few lists of bookmakers which we believe serve better one region over all. We begin with the list of best online bookmaker for UK punters.

So, what makes one bookie better than the other, if we think about only the UK bettor? In our opinion, in order for a bookmaker to be considered "better" than the others for UK, they must meet the following, but not limited to: Focus customer service on UK, trained representatives in the United Kingdom to the oddities and language many UK punters like to use when describing bets or sporting events. Preferably they should have presence in the UK, as it is the case with our top bookie you can see below. Full coverage of UK sporting events, as well as delivering on what the UK punter is interested in most. For example, there are a few amazing bookies on the internet which give great odds on American football, but are very lousy when it comes to "soccer". Certainly this doesn't make them bad bookmakers, they are just not a good match for the UK punter. Another example would be if you wanted to place an internet wager on your local horse racing event. It may be quite popular in your area, but unless you connect with a good UK bookie - you won't see a single line to bet on. Or take the financial side of the business - a bookie in Australia would take longer to process your withdrawal than a bookmaker focusing on the UK market and with a presence in the country.

Here is our list of best UK online bookmakers:

No.1 Bet 365 (official website or bookie review) - In brief, this online bookmaker is actually located and operates from the UK. Customer service is based in Stoke-on-Trent and is lightning fast with the withdrawals. If there is a football game or horse race anywhere in the country - Bet 365 is offering odds on it.

No.2 Paddy Power (official website or bookie review) - If you haven't heard of Paddy - something may be seriously wrong with you. Among the benefits of this UK bookie is the fact that you can walk down the street and settle your ticket.

No.3 Betsson (official website or bookie review) - a real push for the UK market through customer service and odds. Licensed and traded in London since 2001.

 Of course, one can choose to play at any of the online bookmakers we have recommended on our main page, it's just that those three above are really better for the UK punter - more markets, better odds, easier transactions and local customer service. So if you are in the UK - do yourself a favour and pick one of those we noted earlier.

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