Double Chance Explained: How double chance betting works

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 Once you gain some experience with sports betting, it's only natural to move on towards different betting markets besides the usual 1x2, such as double chance betting. Here you will find double chance explained, give you some examples of how double chance betting works and how it can benefit your betting strategies.

 Double chance is among the easier betting market you will find when wagering on football games. A step above the standard 1x2 bet, double chance, as the name implies, will shrink the outcome possibilities from three, down to two and give you an advantage over the bookmakers. First, lets explain how double chance works. When using this form of bet, you will bet simultaneously on two of the possible three outcomes of a football game, which are the win/draw/lose, often referred to as 1x2. Just like you regular wager, with double chance betting you will also have three options, those being:

1x - you bet on the home team either winning the game or drawing.

x2 - reversely, here you will bet on the visitors to win or draw the game

12- either of the football clubs will win the game, but if the game is a draw, your bet will be a loser.

As you can see, it's not that complicated and as the name of double chance suggests, you have two winning outcomes with each of the three possible betting options. Like we mentioned earlier, this clearly gives you an advantage over the bookmaker, since your bet will be a winner when either two of the possible three outcomes of the football game are true, whereas the bookmaker only wins when just one outcome becomes true.

Needless to say, this decreased risk for the punter will be reflected in the betting odds for double chance bets, as compared with the usual 1x2 bet, where the bookmakers have the advantage over the punter. The odds on the double chance bet will be much lower than what you would find for the same game for an outright win bet. Regardless of the smaller odds (and respectively, the smaller return), double chance betting is a great option for the punter who bets larger amounts and want to decrease the risk of the bet. It is also perfect for parlays, where the cumulative odds will more than make up for what is otherwise a smaller return. If you want to move from the basic football betting options, double chance is the best way to get your feet wet with the more complex betting markets available at the online bookmakers.

Best bookmakers for double chance betting

Some online bookmakers traditionally offer better odds on their double chance markets. Those bookmakers include Bet365 (£200 free for double chance bets) and SBOBet, two of the world's most popular bookies. There you will get the best odds on double chance football bets, as well as know that every football match will have the option for a double chance betting, something not all online bookmakers are willing to do, due to the higher risk to them associated with double chance bets.

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