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 No one can question that football is the most popular sport at the online bookmakers, even though there is plenty of interest in other sports, as well. But football (or soccer, depending on your country), is indeed the main driver behind the bookies, at least outside USA, where football is still the king, just a different version of it. But kidding aside, today we will recommend the top 3, the very best football bookmakers in the world. If you are interested main in wagering on the football matches throughout Europe, as well as the competitions such as World Cup and the Euro, these online bookies are the top drawer. 

 Best Football Bookmakers

 When we compared the bookmakers to find those best for football bets, we focused on a few features that would be most important to those wagering on the football games. Naturally, the pool for selecting the top three bookies cam only from our list of recommended online bookmakers, so we started out with a good list and shrunk it down to a great list of football bookies. Main factors in determining the best football bookmakers were the betting markets offered on individual football games, the bonuses you can get for betting on football, as well as the odds offered on those football matches. And here is what we found, the best football bookmakers:

 Bet 365 – No surprise that the famous UK-based online bookie is a top of the list of best bookies for football bets. Bet365 offers some of the best betting odds on the football matches, not only the English Premier League games but competitions and leagues all over Europe and even Asia. The odds here will be hard to beat and what is even grander is the number of different betting options on each of those football games (betting markets). With some of the big games you can find well over 100 different options to choose from to bet in a single football game!

Coral – The famous high street bookmaker is great for betting on football. It covers virtually all football leagues in Europe, many of the Asian and South American, and even dabbles a bit in the MLS US soccer league. While not only good for football bets, Coral is undeniably one of the best bookmakers to place your football wagers. The odds are very competitive and often better than those found in their betting shops, there are plenty of markets on every game and with the addition of their mobile platform, you can bet straight from the stadium, if you so choose. Also good for Asian Handicap bets.

 Bookmaker – (best for USA) Focused on the US market, Bookmaker is known to accept very large bets on football games (or soccer, as they refer to it). Really serious punters, no matter from which country in the world, can place 5-digit bets on football games, the only caveat being that this bookie only offers odds on the more popular football leagues and big events. But while not every football game is represented, all major leagues are there - EPL, Serie A, BBVA, etc. If you want to place big football bets, this online bookmaker is the best option.


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