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 Let's face it, if you are a serious punter, betting at one of the recreational online bookies can quickly get you limited. The truth is that most of the online bookmakers are indeed just recreational and try their best to limit their customer base to such punters. It's not that the top bookmakers don't like winners, for the smart bookie it doesn't really matter whether you win or lose, since they'll make their money from the vig. But a number of large and sharp punters could put some serious hurt to nearly any bookmaker. Therefore those type of punters are frowned upon at most betting sites.

You can often hear people complaining about being limited at one bookie or another, which is the direct result of the bookmakers focusing on recreational punters. So what should the high roller do? Fortunately, there are a number of good online bookmakers that offer high limits on bets made with them. Below you can find the list of the approved high limit online bookmakers, betting websites that won't limit your bets when you start winning big. How high are the limits at those betting sites below? Let's just say that the limits start at 25,000 Pounds or Euros (or your currency equivalent) and sometimes go as high as 250,000 GBP. Also keep in mind that any of the bookmakers listed here will be willing to work with you and raise your limits if you request it and have sufficient account history with them. So don't be shy to ask for more than what's initially offered to new customers.

High Limit Bookmakers

 Pinnacle – Well-known among the serious punters, Pinnacle is what we consider a professional bookmaker. Long forgone the welcome bonus and free bets many other betting sites employ to entice new customers to join, Pinnacle has instead focused on the high roller punter by offering some of the highest limits in the industry. You can bet on virtually nay sport and place extremely large bets - wagers in the millions have actually been placed on occasion at Pinnacle. And the best part - this bookmaker boosts that their customers will never get limited, no matter how large they bet and how big they win! This betting site is very stable and with large liquidity, so you shouldn't worry if the bookie can pay you. With over 15 years in the online betting industry, Pinnacle has a proven track of settling high limit bets within hours of payout requests. Pinnacle also sits atop of our arbitrage bookmakers, since it openly allows arbitrage betting, for which you need high limits to be profitable. We highly recommend this high limit bookmaker to anyone looking to bet large or sharp.

 SBOBET – while not openly allowing arbitrage betting, SBOBet is still a very high roller friendly betting site. If you want to place bets in the five and even six figures, this is the online bookie for you. The Asia's most popular betting site, SBOBet is also very popular in Europe. High rollers and other customers of the betting site can wager with confidence, no matter where they are located; using some of the popular ewallets, SBOBet sends payouts literally within hours of the request. It was also voted top Asian bookmaker three years in a row for a reason. As far as the high limit betting, it is unheard of for SBOBet to limit a bettor who is winning a lot, great betting site for high limit bets.

Betfair – the betting exchange is heaven for the high rollers and the sharp punters looking to place large bets. As you already know - Betfair has NO LIMITS! Since it's an exchange, you can bet as much as you want, or should we say - as much as you can. The positive of a betting exchange are also sometimes negative, since you have to have the other side of your bet covered by enough people, if you want to bet big. And while this may not be an issue with major sporting events, like Premier League games or Grand Slams, some of the minor ones could be tough on the high roller. But if you want a betting site with no limits at all, Betfair is the only one to offer this.

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