How to choose an online bookmaker?

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 If you have done a search of online bookmakers on the Internet you may have notice that there are literally hundreds of online bookies, so how do you wade through this sea of betting websites to find the really good ones? The answer to this question is very simple - just visit our home page where you will find the current best selection of online bookmakers. With hundreds of bookies on the internet today, the chance of you ending at a bad one is very high. Keep in mind that even if you have seen a bookie advertised on TV or at a football game, for example, in no way is this betting site automatically considered a good one. In fact, there are plenty of rogue bookmakers that are quite popular simply because they spend a lot of the money they steal from their customers on advertising. We won't get into the bad bookmakers, but we'll say this - if a website is not on our online bookmakers list, do not play there, period!

 As mentioned earlier, finding a list of the good online bookies is rather easy, just head on to our home page and you'll see which are considered the industry's very best. Then, however, the question begs, how do you choose one  of them, how do you decide which of the 7-8 or so bookies is the best for you? Here we will take a look at some of the more important questions you should ask yourself when choosing an online bookmaker. Answering those questions and considering the important points will help you "zero in" on the best bookmaker for you.

 First and foremost, start with your country. All online bookmakers today have some country restrictions in place and our website is visited from people all over the world. Make sure that the you thin the pool of available bookies by confirming which ones welcome customers from your country. For example, the top bookmaker Bet365 is great for UK customers, but it does not allow people from USA to join. So if you live in the UK Bet365 is a great bookie to choose, but if you live in the US you should automatically discount it. Similarly, Bookmaker welcomes US players, but it's not recommended for UK bettors, because it focuses less on soccer and more on American football. We have made this process of elimination a bit easier by using flags to denote which bookmakers are recommended for particular regions of the world.

This brings us to another very important factor to consider when choosing online bookmaker – your main sport. Most people prefer to bet on a specific sport, they are knowledgeable about it and keep up with the latest developments. In a similar fashion, online bookies are also better for bets in one sport over the rest and finding the match between you and the bookmaker would be great. To use Bet365 in another example, they offer best odds guarantee on UK horse racing, so if you prefer the bet the ponies, this bookie will give you the most value for your bets. Other bookmakers specialize in tennis, some in racing, etc. Football is somewhat a universal sport, all bookmakers offer good markets and they compete each other by offering specials, bonuses and free bets for select games or football leagues.

 Deposits, withdrawals and other financial transactions with the bookmakers are also important. While punters from UK and most of the rest of EU have no problem depositing with credit cards, players from other countries may find it difficult or impossible. Another thing to keep an eye for is the fees some of the online bookmakers may charge on withdrawals and even deposits with certain methods, such as credit cards or cheques. On the bright side, some bookies will give you extra bonus when you use certain ewallets to fund your betting account. Hey, if you can get some extra free money, why not do it?

 If you are a high roller (someone who makes very large bets), you should make sure you choose a bookmaker that would accommodate your big bets. Some online bookmakers are of what we call the “recreational” type, i.e. they will either not allow very large bets or limit a player if he wins to many big bets. If you want to place a couple of hundred of dollars/pounds/euros on a ticket, all bookmakers will accommodate you, but if you want to place a 5,000+ bet – you must chose one of the bookies that take such big bets. On some bookmakers we have made a note indicating if they are recreational or suitable for high roller bettors.

 Overall these are the main details in the big picture of choosing an online bookmaker among the best listed. There are many minor differences, such as rules of certain bets, which we just cannot get into details or it will take forever to compare and read. But as we always say – if you find that a bookmaker does not fully satisfy your betting needs, don't hesitate to replace it with a competitor. Or the best option – have an account at a few top bookies and shop between them for the best return on your money.

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