Odds Converter: Calculate Decimal, American and Fractional odds

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 For those looking to quickly convert betting odds between the three major types (fractional odds, American odds and decimal odds), we present you with this easy to use odds converter calculator. Simply input the type of odds you have to convert it to the other two types.

Fractional Odds:   Decimal Odds:   American Odds:

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As many of you may have noticed, every good online bookmaker will have their own odds converter, most of them are simply a drop-down menu that would let you select the type of odds you want the bookie to display. You can quickly change between the different type of odds, but won't let you compare the odds, rather than just display all the bets they offer by using your preferred type - decimal, UK or American odds. By using our calculator above you can easily see all three types of odds simultaneously. Another way to use our odds converter is if you have found odds in one of the form you don't easily recognize and want to convert them to a more familiar type. A lot of people come here, for example, to convert American odds to decimal or fractional odds, since the American odds are very hard to calculate, especially on parlays.

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