Bookmaker asks for documents, what to do?

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 First time customers of the online bookmakers often run into the identity verification process with a surprise, even a shock. Clearly people are still unaware of the verification process, the documents required before a punter at an online bookmaker can make a first-time withdrawal and they being to wonder, what to do? Here we will shed some light on the documents requests by the internet bookies and why you have nothing to worry about.

Unlike a traditional betting shop, the online bookmakers have none of the usual tools to verify your identity. While your age and money credentials are easily verified when you open a betting account and subsequently fund said account, the online bookmakers require one more layer of security to protect themselves from player fraud and this is where the bookmaker sends you an email requiring certain documents in order to really verify you are who you are. Note that this is a one-time process, once complete, the bookmakers usually never ask for those documents again and withdrawal are processed fast and easy.

How does this process work?

When you request a withdrawal from an online bookmaker for the first time, you are likely to receive an email (although a different form of communication may be chosen by the bookie) asking you to fax or email a list of documents, which will be used to confirm your details - name and address, as well as the form you used to make your deposit. Often the required documents include a copy of a government-issued ID, such as an ID card, drivers license or passport, as well as a copy of a recent utility bill, that shows your name and address. If you have made a deposit with a credit card, the bookmaker is likely to also ask you for a photocopy of the credit card, as well. Rest assured, all online bookmakers have this verification process in place and all will ask you to verify your details before you can make a withdrawal (for the first time). Those requirements are listed under each bookmaker's terms and conditions and for those who read such things, it should come as no surprise. And if you have chosen one of the approved online bookmakers, there is nothing to worry about, as far as the safety of your private information is concerned. Yes, we realize that it's rather an inconvenience to have to go through this process, unfortunately there is no way around it. And on the bright side - it needs to be completed just once, the rest of your withdrawals should go much smoother.

Tips to make the verification process faster and easier

There are a few tips you can follow to make this document verification process much easier and faster. First and foremost - gather all the papers in advance and expect the email requesting them after you make the deposit. Have your papers scanned and the files saved and ready to go. As we already mentioned, often all it's needed is a copy of your ID, copy of utility bill with your name and address on and a scanned copy of your credit card (if you have used one). When you have all this at the ready, when you receive the request of the online bookmaker to send the documents, you can email them back right away, thus shortening your processing time.

Another great tip is to make your first withdrawal request small, as well as making a first withdrawal before winning big. Most online bookmakers become very suspicious when people deposit small then all of a sudden win big and try to withdrawal thousands for the first time. While there is nothing wrong about this in general, the bookies will scrutinize you much deeper, which will result in longer processing time. Best bet is to make sure that you have met all rollover requirements (if any), then quickly make a small withdrawal, thus verifying your account. So in the future is you win big, you should have no problem getting large amounts of money withdrawn faster and without any unnecessary steps.

And finally - be honest. A lot of people assume that just because the bookmaker operates online and may be thousands of miles away from you, they could be easily cheated. People like that are to blame for a lot of hurdles the online bookmakers put their punters through, requesting documents on first withdrawal being one of them. The online bookmakers have developed very sophisticated networks and methods, and are very good in catching a cheater. In addition, the bookies do share bad player information among themselves, so if you are caught cheating at one bookmaker and subsequently banned, rest assured that all the good bookmakers will learn about it and will not let you play with them.

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